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Laboratory : ESG / CAL (Customer Application Laboratory)

Welcome to CAL(Customer Application Laboratory) of Electronics Systems Group.
As a part of customer satisfaction, NSSL ESG to dedicate resources with a focus on advanced dispensing technologies as well as offer a training course upon customs' needs.



The CAL's major mission is to provide customers a dedicated technical support for
the development of advanced new application, a technical training and to evaluate a fluid eligibility as well as a production capability.

More specifically, the CAL aims to provide possibly a total solution to our customers.


The CAL carries out :

- Conducting various dispensing tests upon request.

- Evaluating fluids properties, productivity of the process to be applied.

- Offering customers a technical training for instrumentation.

- Strategically extending a WIN3 collaboration to universities.

- Holding quarterly seminars for sharing all information.

- Responding to the technical issues from the sites.


CAL has identified strategic areas where it believes the experiences and distinctive
skills with Asymtek systems can contribute best to customers all over the dispensing industries such
Semiconductor, SMT and Display(OLED& PLED, LCD, PDP, etc.)


The CAL is well ready to respond to immediate requires from the industries.


Sung Joong Kim : Lab Manager, CAL

Tel  : +82-31-766-8321~8

Fax : +82-31 766-8320

주소 : 경기도 성남시 중원구 상대원1동 223-22 / 전화 : 031)736-8321 / 팩스 : 031)736-8322
E-mail : nordson@nordson.co.kr